About Us

 Be Praia is an internationally recognized brand that brings together stylish women around fashion, it was founded on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, created by Valeria and Jayson, two young people passionate about traveling and learning about new cultures. During our trips we enjoy the opportunity to appreciate the cultural diversity of each destination.

It all starts at the beginning of 2018 in one of our trips, while we were walking, a bright canary yellow piece caught our attention, it was a bag with a different style made of recycled plastic and woven by hand. We were so impressed with the combination of practical yet elegant styling that Jayson thought it made a great gift.

Already in Puerto Rico Valeria receives numerous compliments towards the colorful piece and there were so many questions about where she bought it, that we decided to create Be Praia and it is where our already recognized brand arises.

Be Praia represents our passion for traveling. It is a mixture of English and Portuguese which translated into Spanish means "Being Beach". A fusion that represents our origin in a mix of sea and travel. We are a tropical style, we are from an island in the Caribbean, we are beach.

Today, our passion is to design personalized fashion pieces hand in hand with the best trends, with a unique and tropical style, full of art where millions of women can be themselves depending on the occasion and at the same time have a social impact. and environmental since each bag is handwoven by a group of artisans where we create colorful, versatile and stylish bags from a recycled plastic fiber, with extensive fashion inspiration and top-notch service.

Be Praia is a high quality brand with unique handmade, cutting edge designs created by a couple of dreamy entrepreneurs from the Caribbean.